Handmade Lampwork Shells

July 22nd, 2016

Shells 600x300 copyOur Handmade Lampwork Shells are unbelievably beautiful! We’ve made a pendant of a Lampwork Shell by adding a small crystal on a headpin, inserting it into the Handmade Shell and making a wrapped loop to string the Italian Mesh Ribbon through. We’ve used Gold, Blue, and Teal 6mm Italian Mesh Ribbon which we’ve ruffled. We’ve also added one straight strand of Gold 3mm Italian Mesh Ribbon to be the straight piece which will hold the weight of the Lampwork Shell Pendant so the mesh does not unruffle. Our Sterling Silver Ribbon Ends are squeezed onto the ends of the Italian Mesh Ribbon and a lobster clasp added for a finished look. This Italian Mesh Ribbon Necklace with one of our Handmade Lampwork Shells is easy, yet spectacular!

Silver Silk Necklace

May 19th, 2016

SilverSilk-Web-banner-2Our Silver Silk Lariat Necklace is a beautiful example of the possibilities of making a Silver Silk Necklace. We have used a one yard piece of our Golden Silver Silk, then simply added our Single Silver Silk Ends by squeezing. You can then add whatever beads or baubles you would like to hang below the SilverSilk. In this Silver Silk Necklace we have used our gorgeous Butterscotch Stardust Lampwork Beads, a Swarovski Crystal Twist and two Swarovski Crystal Bicones. We have fourteen great Lampwork Pairs to choose from, then you can add matching beads above for your look you desire. We sell this Butterscotch Stardust Lariat Silver Silk Necklace as a Necklace Kit or also as a finished Necklace!

Italian Mesh Ribbon Necklace

May 13th, 2016

ItalianMesh-Web-banner-3-template1 copy

Our Italian Mesh Ribbon is the softest available anywhere!!

Ruffle, Twist and Twirl it to make extraordinary Jewelry!

Check out our YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/specialtybeads to see Jannell make a necklace with our Italian Mesh Ribbon.

We import this beautiful Tubular Mesh Ribbon from Italy. When ruffled the Metallic Mesh Ribbon creates what appears to be a Wire Lace. This Wire Mesh is also nickel free and waterproof. The wonderful thing about Italian Mesh Ribbon is that it can be ruffled or straightened, twisted, shaped into flowers or have beads inserted in the middle of it. You can string beads on the Italian Mesh Ribbon and add beautiful ribbons or strands of beads to it. Our Ribbon Ends squeeze onto the ends of the Wire Mesh Ribbon and then a jump ring adds any clasp to make your Italian Necklace have a truly professional look.
We also carry Titanium Mesh Ribbon which is a Stronger Mesh Ribbon that holds the weight of a pendant without needing an additional support.
Try it – twist and pull our Italian Mesh Ribbon to your own creative delight

Crystalina Necklaces – Mesh Necklace with Crystals Inside

March 29th, 2016

Crystalina Banner Teal Drag Paper BlogWe are so excited to have just launched our new Crystalina Necklaces. These beautiful Crystalina Necklaces are a string of Crystals encased in a light and supple nylon mesh. Our Crystalina Necklaces are beautiful, shimmery and sparkly! Add a variety of pendants to your Crystalina Necklace and you have a unique Chain that adds color and pizazz to your jewelry collection! Have fun with this Mesh Necklace with Crystals inside!

Italian Jewelry

March 3rd, 2016

Venetian Jewelry600Make this exquisite set of Italian Jewelry with our Venetian Beads and Swarovski Crystals! Our Brilliant Swirl Italian Beads are one of my favorites and I just couldn’t resist designing a Bracelet, Cluster Necklace and Earrings! This Italian Jewelry is beautiful and will rival anything you can buy in Venice! This Italian Jewelry will be the envy of all!

Titanium Mesh Ribbon Necklace

February 12th, 2016

Necklace Unicorne 2 600x400In this lovely Titanium Mesh Ribbon Necklace I started with our Blue Azure Titanium Mesh Ribbon and added our Lamp Work Teardrop Beads. The  Teardrop Beads are the Multi Forest color. Each Lamp Work Teardrop Bead is handmade from dripped glass. This particular color, Multi Forest comes with both alternating blue and  green beads. You must use the 10mm Titanium Mesh to make this necklace so the Titanium Mesh can fit through the loops in the beads. Also, the Multi Forest Teardrop Beads come in a strand of 25 and I used the 15 with the largest loop to string on the Titanium Mesh. Then I had 10 Lamp Work Teardrops to use for earrings! Our Titanium Mesh Ribbon is the strongest and most brilliant you can buy! It makes such a beautiful Titanium Mesh Ribbon Necklace!

Mystic River Titanium Mesh Necklace

January 10th, 2016

New Seafoam Necklace Grace 2. Mail ChimpOne of my favorites! This stunning Titanium Mesh Necklace is made with our Seafoam Titanium Mesh Ribbon. I’ve added our handmade Lampwork Rectangle Bead that we call Mystic River. Two tiny Swarovski Crystals frame one of our Aqua with Picasso Saturn Beads to tie in with the incredible colors in the Mystic River Lampwork Rectangle. This pendant is then added to our Seafoam Titanium Mesh Necklace. Bellissima!!

Love Knot Bracelet

January 8th, 2016

SilverSilk Gold Love KnotWe love our SilverSilk Love Knot Bracelets! The Love Knot Bracelet can be worn for an important occassion or for an every day look. SilverSilk is definitely one of my favorites and the Love Knot Bracelet is one of the biggest sellers in our store! Each Bracelet comes with two extra Jump Rings to lengthen the bracelet if needed. These Love Knot Bracelets are shown with Silver End Caps and Toggles, but you can request an alternate color in the comment section as you check out. This Love Knot Bracelet is sweeping the country because it is beautiful and carries a great message! Our signature gift box is included with each finished bracelet. Our Love Knot Bracelet is also available as one of our Bracelet Kits.

Lake Tahoe Necklace

January 8th, 2016

on bathtub 600x4500We’re excited to share our new Sterling Silver Lake Tahoe Necklace with everyone! Our beautiful Lake Tahoe Necklace is designed and handcrafted by our owner, Jannell. It is perfect for all Tahoe lovers, local as well as visitors from around the world.  The shape of Lake Tahoe is carefully formed with a heart cutout  and is then paired with our beautiful Sterling Silver Chains made in Italy to create a Lake Tahoe Heart Necklace. We also feature them as a Tahoe Pendant and as a Tahoe Charm. This Lake Tahoe Necklace is our hammered version, but you can also get it as a smooth Lake Tahoe Necklace.

Our Incredible Italian Beads as Venetian Necklaces

January 5th, 2016

Venetian-Beads-Web-banner- Sale copyThese and many more Exquisite Venetian Beads are 20% Off at Specialty Beads through Jan. 15th, 2016. I’ve added a winded loop and a chain to our Italian Beads and you have an instant Italian Necklace. These made in Murano Italian Beads are each hand made in the Italian tradition. Venetian Beads are loved worldwide!